Past Projects

Predicting the spread of invasive alien plant species in the UK (2016-2017)

A picture of a large himalyan balsam plant in full bloom with pinky purple flowers

My MRes research at Imperial College London looked at predicting the spread of invasive plant species like himalyan balsam in the UK under a medium emissions climate change scenario. This work used a fourth-corner approach based on functional trait, species abundance and environmental data.

Impacts of the invasive Nootka lupin in Iceland (2014-2015)

Me in a dense purple lupin field in Iceland with Eyjafjallajökull in the background

My final year project at Oxford Brookes examined the effects on native plant species richness in a range of Icelandic habitats where the invasive Nootka lupin (Lupinus nootkatensis) was growing at high densities.

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