Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Magazine Articles

Flavio Azevedo, Sara Middleton, Jenny Mai Phan, Steven Kapp, Amélie Gourdon-Kanhukamwe, Bethan Iley, Mahmoud Elsherif, & John J. Shaw. Navigating Academia as Neurodivergent Researchers: Promoting Neurodiversity Within Open Scholarship. APS Observer October 2022

Middleton, S. Decolonising ecology: unearthing the contribution of Black British naturalists. British Ecological Society Niche Magazine September 2020

Middleton, S. Bananas! Peeling back the history, biology and future of the world’s favourite fruit. British Ecological Society Niche Magazine December 2019

Museums and Exhibitions

Article: Beyond a green carpet for the Wellcome Collection Rooted Beings exhibition (August 2022)

Researcher response to Kurt Jackson’s Biodiversity Exhibition at the Natural History Museum, Oxford (February-May 2022)


Navigating Open scholarship for neurodivergent researchers: Introducing the Neurodiversity group at FORRT (March 2022)

Interview for Disability Pride Month at Communications Biology (July 2021)

von Oppen, J., Gya, R., Geange, S., Strydom, T., Middleton, S. & Maitner, B. Next Generation Field Courses: Enhancing ECR Development Through Open Science and Online Learning. EcoMass (March 2021)

Middleton, S. L. Towards an open and reproducible research culture: an ECR perspective. SalGo Team Blog (December 2020)

Middleton, S. L. What is an individual?: Why bees, mushrooms and grasses complicate the picture of what it means to be an individual. Evidently Scientifical (August 2020)

Middleton, S. L. Bananageddon: Is banana apocalypse 2.0 upon us? Evidently Scientifical (April 2019)

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